Welcome or my dolls want a blog!

As my collection grew and changed,  my original blog could not hold in the doll page any longer. Dolls became a separate theme. Now they want their own blog. And how can you say no?

This is Penelope. She is a Googly. Googly + Cinderella = Googlirella. It just happened. 😉



  But everything needs to start somewhere. And this is no exception. 


It started many years ago, when I had one ugly little doll made of rubber. The face rubbed off and I drew it with a pen. It had molded hair in sort of a bob and was about 4 inches tall. Who bought it for me and when exactly, I don’t recall,  most likely it was my grandmother.

Like this ( these are not mine, but are the same kind, photo found on the web, if someone knows the author, I will gladly credit it).


This little doll had a home in the bottom cabinet of the wall unit. Most of the furniture was made my me out of cardboard , but I had a wonderful plastic kitchen set with cabinets and dishes and a wooden rolling pin, (this kitchen set survived to this day , I just need to find it 🙂

And this doll had adventures! During summer she went with me to grandma and grandpa where every girl had a little doll. We took them outside, made houses under berry bushes and in the apple trees and sewed clothes the best we could.

This is where it started. And it continued many years later, in different life, almost in different dimension.

Thank you all, who visited

Tat 😉






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